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Facilitated by rangeland consultant and educator Kirk Gadzia
Course Content:

Upon completion of the course you can expect to have a working knowledge of how to manage holistically. The first 3 days of the course are on understanding and using the Holistic Management® model to achieve your goals. Understanding and managing the ecosystem is stressed, as well as the tools available to you to influence your financial, land and people resources. The course gives you the specific techniques you need to help you significantly improve your ability to make better decisions in your business. The advanced session builds on the information in the first session. In the next 3 days participants work through case studies detailing financial, grazing and land planning.

Course Facilitator:

Kirk Gadzia is a Certified Educator with the Holistic Management International. He has over 20 years experience teaching the concepts of Holistic Management® worldwide. Combined with his extensive international consulting work on many agricultural operations, he is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your learning objectives. Kirk is co-author of the important National Academy of Sciences book: Rangeland Health. He holds a BS degree in Wildlife Biology and an MS in Range Science. Kirk works directly with producers to achieve profitability in their operations. He also provides customized training and consulting to a wide variety of conservation organizations. Years of assisting people on the land helps Kirk approach the course in an interactive, hands-on style. His courses are known for a relaxed atmosphere, open dialogue and practical real-life examples.

Why Holistic Managment®?:

Holistic Management® is most easily defined by simply adding W to the word holistic. This describes what the process does - helps us manage Whole situations rather than perceived parts. Managing the whole gives better results and fewer unexpected problems. Many publications today are filled with gloomy forecasts about agriculture and the environment. Yet, there are few who offer realistic solutions that strengthen both our economy and communities. To reverse this trend we must do it with the people already on the land. Holistic Management gives human values a priority, while creating profit through proven financial planning procedures and ecosystem enhancement techniques.

kirk in field with class
Learn How To:
Option A - $495

Attend first 3 days for Introduction to Holistic Managment.

Option B - $495

Attend all 6 days for Comprehensive Holistic Management Training - Financial, Grazing, and Land Planning. Discount applies.

Option C - $895

Attend all 6 days for Comprehensive Holistic Management training. Discount applies.

Option D - $895

Split attendance at trianing sessions at your convienence. Discount requires full payment in advance.

Repeat Policy

Repeat attendance at either or both sessions encouraged. No limit on number of repeats. $100 booking fee per session.

Meeting Times:

• Daily 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.      • Lunch Break 12 - 1:30 p.m.      • Breaks: Hourly breaks given.


Casual, bring appropriate clothes for field trip.

Materials Needed for Intro Course:

Pen or pencil and calculator. All other materials provided.

Materials Needed for Advanced Course:

• 10 copies of land you want to plan. Maps should show only boundaries and no internal developments.

• Calculator.

• General financial and grazing planning examples will be provided, but you may bring your own examples.

Introduction - Holistic Resource Management

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Advanced Session - Holistic Resource Management

Day 4 - Financial Planning Principles

Day 5 - Biological and Grazing Planning

Day 6 - Planning for Land Developments

Complete case study.